L+NLA Guideline for authors+Digital Proceedings

Abstract submission Form:


Deadline for Abstracts: March 1st, 2019.

Deadline for Full texts: Deadline extended until May 15th, 2019. Send paper by email to: tava@us.es

Download Guideline for accepted authors: l&nla-guidelinestemplate

Digital proceedings: June 2019.

Abstracts, oral presentation and Full texts are accepted in Spanish or English languages. Authors have the responsibility for assuring the quality in both languages’ styles and spell check. Non-compliant abstracts will be excluded from the evaluation.

One author only can submit one abstract and is the person to present the communication in the seminar. Abstracts signed by 2 or more authors can decide by themselves the person for presenting the communication. Separated certificates (attendance, proceedings, presentation) will be emitted.

accepted papers (see brochure)

presentation 1 Development of self-regulated synthetic gene circuits and its application on controlled protein expression. Alejandro Ronco

presentation 2 The inclusion of side metabolic reactions in the genome-scale metabolic model of Pseudomonas putida highlights the underground metabolism as key player in metabolic robustness. Francisco Javier Canalejo

presentation 3 Paisaje y ciudad americana. Entender lo diferente. Enrique Larive y Maria LopezDeAsiain

presentation 4 Edificios híbridos como sistemas vivos. El programa arquitectónico como cambio de forma de vida.  Salvador Haddadi

presentation 5 Confort y sostenibilidad en la arquitectura habitada. Aplicación del conocimiento a la sociedad para la toma de decisiones. Milagrosa Borrallo-Jimenez y María LopezDeAsiain

presentation 6 (proceedings only) La desmaterialización de una hipotética post-humanidad. Un examen del transhumanismo. Victor Hugo Palacios


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