Visita representantes programa ALFA-III al MCAS

Los representantes del programa ALFA-III y dentro del ADU_2020: The restructuring of Higher Education for the 21st century in the Expanded Field of Architecture, Design and Urbanism visitarán el máster en «Ciudad y Arquitectura Sostenibles» el próximo Jueves 21 de marzo a las 18h en el aula B0.

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Carmen Galán y Rafael Herrera, profesores del mcas, coordinan este programa en la Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura de Sevilla.

Ver programa de la visita: folleto adu2020 18_03_2013

The ALFA Programme began in 1994 and sought to reinforce co-operation in the field of Higher Education. The programme co-finances projects aimed at improving the capacity of individuals and institutions (universities and other relevant organisations) in the two regions.

The first phase, ALFA I (1994-1999), with an EC contribution of € 31m, ran until 1999 and involved 1064 institutions operating 846 micro-projects.

The second phase, ALFA II (2000-2006), with a total of 10 selection rounds represented an EC contribution of €54.6m distributed to 225 approved projects held by 770 institutions organised in networks with an average of 9 institutions from LA and EU.

The third phase, ALFA III (2007-2013), has an EU budget of €75m. ALFA III supposes a significant budget increase in the contribution, but also a new and upgraded structure of the programme, constituted by 3 specific lots: Lot 1 Joint Projects; Lot 2 Structural Projects; Lot 3 Accompanying measures.

Overview on ALFA III pdf - 262 KB [262 KB] español (es)

The ALFA III’s 1st Call for Proposals was launched in 2008 and had a high level of participation of Latin American institutions. This Call resulted in the selection of 14 projects, covering the 3 Lots. In March 2010 the 2nd Call for Proposals was launched with only 2 Lots. This Call resulted in the selection of 19 projects. In February 2011 the 3rd Call for Proposals was launched with 2 Lots.

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