Conferencia de Clausura MCAS 19-20. Grahame Shane

Conferencia de clausura  de la XIV Edición del Máster en Ciudad y Arquitectura Sostenibles, a cargo del profesor de la University of Columbia, Nueva York, Grahame Shane. Miércoles 17 de junio de 2020, 17:30 a través de videoconferencia, cuya grabación está disponible en:

The Pandemic has collapsed all our usual Urban Design assumptions revealing that urban and rural populations globally are vulnerable in the new situation, even in modern, scientific, hygienic, planned cities like Wuhan, New York or Milan. 

This lecture will ask what if the pandemic is a beginning of the true measure of the impact of the Anthropocene? What have we learnt from this brief disastrous episode about the role of the state, human health, science, natural systems and the digital community of the future? What are the new heterotopic places of change? How does this incident square with preparations for the Anthropocene predicted by science? How accurate are our models of city development and in what ways should we change?

Prof. Shane’s short section recorded in Stockholm’s lecture, 2019:


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